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The Enigma of Tobin Brouillard


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"The Enigma of Tobin Brouillard" is equal parts game and writing experiment. The rule is for each successive poster to invent a new part of the titular Mr. Brouillard's backstory. Start with his birth and continue in chronological order. Note that bits of backstory can be as logical or as illogical as the poster desires. Limit backstory to less than 500 words per post. The end goal is to create a semi-narrative of Mr. Brouillard's entire life, no matter how bizarre. Let the game begin and the enigma unravel!


Have you ever heard of Tobin Brouillard?


Neither has anyone else...

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... and that's the way Mr. Brouillard prefers it. Not one for a guarded 5 word reply to anyone during a conversation much less a 50 worded tale of what transpired that fateful day that brought him to this sleepy hamlet 20 odd years ago. As to how Mr. Brouillard ended up as the only living resident of Rhymes Town is a mystery known only to himself, now the focus of investigations on the behest of some survived relatives of previous residents. As to the probability of foul play on the part of  Mr.Brouillard, one thing is known for certain, he was the one that buried every single one of them, young and old, with his own hands, all and every one.

"There was no one else to do it ... " is all Mr. Brouillard cared to say when asked.


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