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A poem without rhyme and prose without flow

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Given, middle & maiden name

Imagine there is no weapon
Hard i know lads i know
No bells below us or above
Roman burials were so so
No matrimony or patrimony
So no sue me when kids see
Us break with eyes that now
Change the past as it too is
An illusion like brotherhood
Of Adam now Sistren begin
I hope today you disown us
And as we claim you too, boo

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A new practice and lines required


Not by me and this is not a request

For others to fill as if it was a 'script

Take meds knowing it's a shell game


Now focus on the self of heart & act

Your motives will reveal the actor

The actress is not playing a "mom" role


Then begin the barricade of your own

Inauthenticity is also responsibility

As much if more than keeping it real


Real prayer now toward Real itself



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