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NASA's Dawn Awaits Dscision on Future

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Dawn mission managers await NASA decision on spacecraft’s future


The future of NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, running low on hydrazine fuel and now flying around the dwarf planet Ceres without the help of internal pointing wheels, will be decided in the coming weeks by top space agency managers.

Scientists have not ruled out sending Dawn on a journey across the solar system to another destination, a voyage that counterintuitively might burn less of the craft’s remaining hydrazine propellant than if Dawn stayed in orbit around Ceres, where it has resided since March 2015.

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I suppose since scientists already have enough scientific data and of course more understanding now of this little planet (thanks to Dawn)... I think sending her on her way, to fly by another celestial object such as an asteroid would add even more scientific knowledge regarding space exploration, especially since Dawn has still got plenty of life left. All in all, it will be interesting to see what the scientific team at NASA will decide on in regards to her fate.

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