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Things I Say Unwillingly Come True

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Hello all, 

I have had knowledge for quite some time that I am gifted in a sense. My aunt held a few psychic abilities that she made me aware of when I was very young (she made me promise not to tell in fear that my family would think she was crazy, but I knew it all to be true) and I generally have a very firm grasp on feeling out situations and knowing when things will happen. 

I feel that my ability is increasing as I grow older and therefore I have experienced quite a few blunders as I come into myself. 

I came across the following forum posting and have identified with it greatly, given my situation: http://www.psychic-experiences.com/real-psychic-story.php?story=12038

You see, recently I needed to get out of an obligation very seriously and had nowhere else to turn, so I said that I had to take my grandmother to urgent care because she was not feeling well, even though I never ever ever lie (people actually tell me that I tend to be too honest). In my mind, I thought of my maternal grandmother, who is already deceased in simple fear that somehow my words would predicate harm on my living paternal grandmother. To be sure, I placed a protection on my paternal grandmother out of the immense fear things would somehow jumble. The following morning, I woke up to be told that her husband, my paternal grandfather, was rushed to the hospital with a major stroke. It doesn't look like he will survive. 

I am having such a difficult time grappling with this and I feel so sick with guilt since I cannot help but feel that I caused it, though (of course!) I had absolutely no intention to.

Could this be some form of precognition? Do I need to learn how to control this power? Did I unknowingly attract this event by unintentional attraction? Is there anything that I can understand that would make me feel better? Could it be a simple "coincidence" (though I usually do not believe in those!) 

Any guidance from the elders would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :(

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Think about me becoming very rich and we'll see how it goes. Kidding!!

Personally I think it was a coincidence. Strokes are not uncommon in older folks. Many times there are no warning signs. 

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At most confirmation bias.

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