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Was this a vision?

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Hi unexplained mysteries, thanks for having me, I'm hnsl.

I came here cause I had something strange happen to me a week or two ago and I can't stop thinking about it ever since. Basically what happened was I was in my bathroom washing up and getting ready for bed, but I was like day dreaming, I was thinking about this one person who I feel strongly about, and possibly feel a connection to. And then I had this strange deja-vu like phenomenon, but it wasn't an exact deja-vu, where I felt what I was doing at that moment I'd done it before. I saw something in that moment. I saw a city of some kind, what stood out to me was traffic lights and all the other bright lights. And I saw a person. I had no idea who it was, but I think it was a girl, and she had long dark hair. I couldn't make out who it was due to her being blurred out,but I know I was laughing with her. I think she was wearing a hat too, it felt like it was wintertime. While I was having this vision of some sort, I felt comfort and happiness. The city where I was felt like I was there because of my career and my dreams. The person, I'm quite baffled about. I thought maybe she could be related or connected to the person I was thinking about before, but I'm still not sure. It was so strange, as I'm typing this I'm getting that whirly feeling in my stomach. It literally flashed right before my eyes, like just for a split second, and I was back in my bathroom thinking what on earth was that? Did I just have deja vu or what? I don't think it was deja vu, I experience deja vu quite often and what I had happen to be ive never experienced before. I want to know if any of you have had this same experience or what it could be. Thank you!

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I have experienced something like this several times.With me is on awaking, and it seems like a dream. It is if I have just been in a place that seems familiar, and with people I like and who like me, and I feel happy, which is rare for me.

I have been thinking it is a vision of how life could have been if I had not been bullied and belittled by my father when I was growing up.

But this may be very personal.


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