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Hi-NRG Eurobeat Man

Cloud-City Empire: A Poem

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Cloud-City Empire

by Hi-NRG Eurobeat Man


I focus my gaze at the overcast night

Continent clouds pass the ends of my sight

Gold-glory rays pierce the ice-water veil

Is this the moon or something unreal?


Never I've seen such an empyrean glow

Disperse these seas of etherean snow

And ignite the night in such divine wraith

It leaves me to ponder and recalls my faith


Is this a portrait of peevish illusion

Trusted by science's frequent delusion?

Or does it give way to an archangel's plight

A cloud-city empire in all of its might?


Ah yes, an empire, a definitive must

Built on these fields of ice-water dust

Casts down its light so we watch and we weep

Behold the sight of God's heavenly keep


Thirty-two years I've been watching and waiting

Holding this image that's silently fading

Until the night where I marvel once more

This cloud-city empire's brightness galore.

Edited by Hi-NRG Eurobeat Man
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