2017 Yahoo Fantasy football

By Myles in Hobbies, Sports and Interests,
Let me know if you want to join.  It shows the 6 from last season are "joined via renew".   I think that means you are in it if you want.   I just need to know if all 6 will still be playing.   If someone isn't, I need to boot them out. I think the only way of someone else joining is if I send them an invite, so if someone wants to join, just post your email (or message me) and I'll send it to you.   Doesn't have to be a primary email.   This was fun last year and I'm sure will be better this year.   Feel free to recruit other UM members to join.   I seem to remember that there were a couple interested, but I cannot remember who they were.       Myles Myles Jun 24   Brooklyn Maulers joseph Jun 24   Farmer77's Ballers john Jun 24   Rocky Mountain High Don Jun 24   Sweetpumper Barry Jun 24   Toroballistic Richard
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