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U.S. Republicans left scrambling after health

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Just now, Peter B said:


In fact you even undermine your own argument when you give your examples of "people starting from 0" - if people can start from 0 and make a success of things, how many more people might succeed if they're given a small amount of seed money?


it supports my statement actually, you missing one thing, which makes your entire post  null, which are will, and determination.  my point many are homeless by choice,   and that came not from me, but from other former homeless that were\are on this board.

btw didn't SF tried your approach? it failed, homelss from all over ca and even other states came for free money, and stayed there.

new york has many shelters, pretty big outreach program,  they are getting money from passers by every day, an average  nyc bum collects about 200 a day, cash no tax. 

that is about asw much as someone making 16-17 an hour gets, with taxes withheld, yet they still sit on sidewalks sit in their own urine and feces, and still are homeless. 

your" logic" is not really a logic at all, just expected result from chain of events based on your thinking, which is really opposite to reality, 



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