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Hypothetical Discussion: Telekinesis

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9 hours ago, Kismit said:

It's akin to, Who would win in a fight between Superman and the Hulk?


Batman, just because he's Batman.

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Tonite T

We should be discussing if the alledged psychokinetic energy. If it ever existed or will ever exist such a thing can be useful anyhow to the welfare of human kind. I posted some pages ago, that aviation was concerned with the possibility, hypothetical possibility, the surmoung of psychokinetic energy from the passengers would be causing disturbances on the sensitive navigation apparatuses. Until now besides a mocking comment from someone only one participant corrobated my 'bold' claiming of having read something regarding this issue on a newspaper or elsewhere. Instead of fighting, skeptics against gullibe people, we 'should' do some research to investigate if the passengers' anxiety could be made accountable for plane crashes.     

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