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Spotless Bin

Johnny: The ghost of Gladstone villa.

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Spotless Bin

My family and I lived at a large property called '' Gladstone villa''   in the former mining town of Bargoed which is in the Caerphilly county borough of the South Wales valleys, close to Cardiff,  this was from 1969 to the Summer of 1978.

We experienced things that simply defied rational explanation, like footsteps that would regularly be heard every evening, sometimes in the day when we'd all be downstairs watching television,  one of us would turn the volume down to hear the footsteps more clearly.  We also had minor poltergeist activity, lights going off and on,  I witnessed electrical cables being pulled. There was also the occasional sighting, though this was very rare indeed, so rare in fact that I didn't actually see anything,  but my mother and grandfather did !!.  It was so bad that we slept downstairs with the lights on.  What I have said here is true and I wouldn't waste my time sharing this if It wasn't and if I couldn't possibly back it up.  I challenge any skeptic to stay there and I can assure you that they will indeed question their belief system,  of that I have no doubt at all what so ever !  I am that deadly serious about it !!.  The property is still there  in Cardiff road in Bargoed and it can be checked out.  It's well worth a thorough investigation. 

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There does seem to be positive correlation with mining and paranormal activity. You might want to look into this. It might have something to do with granite or certain materials holding past psychic energy (which is an energy or recording outside of the normal three-dimensional physical energy types detectable by science).

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Spotless Bin

Papageorge1,  thank you for your very welcome reply, delighted to hear from you.  You could very well be right about the mining.  We did after all live very close to the mine.  My grandfather worked there. 

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