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Pre-Moari History in NZ


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I wasn't quite sure where to post this one.

It's starts with a story I heard on the news a few years ago about a Mayan pyramid found in the North Island of New Zealand . I have been trying to find more info on it since .Then I discovered that the Government has decided not to release this kind of information publicly for at least 75 years( I can't see why not) .

Well I'm still no closer to finding out wether or not it really is a Mayan pyramid . I have found a very interesting site on the History of New Zealand pre-Maori .

It is interesting to note that most Historical teachings about NewZealand only extend back 800 years to the first Maori ( This is disputed and could be as little as 200 years) occupation even though clearly there where at least 2 other races of people inhabiting NZ at one stage.

It also seems to include a little bit on my theory of the Maori people coming to New Zealand via Easter Island .

Click HERE for the site . Be warned there is quite a bit to go through .

If you are going to go to the site make sure you click on the link labaelled Moriori as this is the better known race of people that inhabeted NZ before the Maori's.

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Yes, some members of the Moriori were living in Aotearoa [New Zealand] from the very beginning of their time here on earth. They state as much in their legends. Others seem to have come from Melanesian origins around 1150 A.D. The maori, of whch I am one, came to Aotearoa via double-hulled canoe around 1350 A.D. quite a few of our people came at that time.

Maori originated in a land called "Hawa'iki" which was devastated by massive cataclisms, and volcanic explosions before it sank beneath the seas in the Pacific Ocean area. Most polynesians hail from this landmass.

With regard to the pyramid, would that be in Tauranga or Northland? In Northland quite a few years back there was discovered a viking helmet in the 1970s, even though the vikings were not said to have landed here. That too was hushed up by the NZ government - but none of us knows why. There have been other things that have been quieted by the NZ government - most of which has been discovered, like the viking helmut, in Northland, perhaps the government thinks its too controversial to go into at this time.

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Welcome to the board Wlorac ,

That is the main reason I wasn't sure where to place this topic . The Government seems to be determined to cover up anything discovered that would pre date Maori's arriving in the country . The only reason I can think of for this is becuase of the resources that have gone into setteling the Treaty of Waitangi .

My interest was sparked in the study of pre- Maori history when I heard of the pyramid which is apparently in the Kiamanawa Ranges ( thats Northland I believe forgive me I'm actually Australian ) on channel 3's late news.

The Helmut you mention is very interesting as the site I put the link up to talks of a race of people who where tall and fair in colour , just like the Viking's. There is also a picture of a skeleton which was buried in the ancient Celt fashion. If Viking warriors did come to NZ and settle after the raping and pillaging of the Celtic nations then they could have brought these techniques with them .

Caves discovered with red and fair haired bodies have been bulldozed and closed over . Maori's are occasionally born with red and fair hair , is this some genetic influnce from a mingling of the two cultures ?

I also have another theory on Native Americans being originally celtic explorers crossing over the continents by foot before continental drift took place .I think I have way to much time on my hands.

Enjoy your time on the board , It was nice to have somebody show an interest in this thread smile.gif

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The government keeps alot of info under wraps because it goes aginst their beliefs and modern day teachings, take the pyramids at Giza for instance, certain select professors are almost possitive they are much older than origionally believed, they could date back fifteen thousand years. I suggest you read Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock and Atlantis to the Sphynx by Colin Wilson to start off with, its all very interesting.

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those are brilliant books, and to cap it all off, the Egyptian government is now building a 10 foot wall around the pyramids at Giza.

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they are designed to stop people from going to and seeing the pyramids without either permission or a guide.

ty KC. biggrin.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

...The Government seems to be determined to cover up anything discovered that would pre date Maori's arriving in the country .

Caves discovered with red and fair haired bodies have been bulldozed and closed over . Maori's are occasionally born with red and fair hair , is this some genetic influnce from a mingling of the two cultures ?

Thank you for welcoming me here ... biggrin.gif

Yes, the NZ government has covered up quite a bit of stuff. On one of my little escapades, I came across a woman who was a psychometrist ...

she stated to me that a giant viking race was here at the time of the arrival of the [maori] canoes - 1350 AD. An elder had handed her a pounamu tiki that had been handed down from that generation, she was able to see the journey from Hawaiki to Aotearoa.

Her account was that when the waka landed in Northland. The man who held the tiki had been foraging and came upon a giant viking [stood 10-15 ft tall]. The man wore a viking helmut and clothes, had titian red hair, white skin and pale blue eyes. It is believed that they had encamped in Northland - where a number of pre-european maori had pale skin, hazel eyes and red hair. Their ships were destroyed in a storm and are STILL in Northland - according to this woman.

Maori used to have [before all this hoo-haa about re-writing the maori language and legends] legends about the Mist people who lived on the hills in northland. The mist people used to come down from the hills and kidnap maori women who they used to carry away and breed with.

We can only guess as to the reason why the european government would want to cover up this truth... seems a bit stupid to me - anyway.

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Thanx for coming back Wlorac ,

I must say I paid a visit to your geaneology site , you must put a lot of work into it . I't great that people like you make that sort of thing accesible to the general public.

The legend of the people of the mist is very interesting , Vikings are well known through history as rapist's and piligers . I believe I mentioned earlier about the appearance of the occasional Maori with red hair . This does not appear to happen in other cultures related to the Maori such as the Hawian's.

I am interested with History as a whole tracing the roots of the land right back to the dinosaurs piece by piece it's a real shame that the government can't get passed this .

And I hope someone is looking for those Viking ships . smile.gif

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Kauai e maha he takahia tenei korero kia koe, engare, me mohi koe, kei a etahi, erua pea nga korero i mau ia au mo enei whainga...


Dont think I am trampling on your story but I would point out that there are other stories from other folk ....

An idiom that is still used when providing another point of view to a story prior to its utterance...a convention in fact owing to the nature of anarchic (as opposed to monarchic) societies.

The word Maori is attributed to an early english writer who sought material by asking any 'native' who could speak or understand english, in order to write a 'Penny Farthing novel' which was drawn from a question asking for description of hierarchical village structures.

Ah...he maoriori weena... Tr. oh those are just commoners...

My ancestors did not ask what the Story was to be called, named, but left him to his own devices and in particular, with the individual whom the writer was speaking with, as is common for the folk at that time due to the nature of the philosophy of 'Moaridom' that if you wanted to know about maori, learn the culture and language first as a child is expected to.

We match in that Hawaikinui was in fact another land that sank and left behind great swaths of pumice in its place which persisted for years..

There was never a great migration story from any of the Iwi I have anything to do with but only stories about individual arrivals at various times in history, that was the invention of the then New Zealand Education department seeking to uplift and encourage maori into the education system.

The dates for arrival are disputed because settlement history had been wiped out in coastal regions owing to a massive tsunami like story, obliterating most coastal settlements, and in a land newly settled, coastal areas offer more than inland areas for survival at that time, except for Tairua on the eastern seaboard (as well as a few other places around the country) of the Coromandel peninsula where a dated find indicated a 1200 year history (measured against charcoal in a midden dump) but even that can be contended.

The Moriori were never a Polynesian group but kudos to the Solomans for insisting they are the remnants of the legacy and in fact supported by archaeology ...

The Tall White folk were indeed described as stated, however, such beings were also on Rapanui and other island groups adn oddly enough, all described as giants, I seriously doubt if the Vikings are a suitable match because these giants are described in many cultures and no example of Viking giants have ever been unearthed..but they were revered with a passion and known as 'Tangata Whenua', the real occupants of the land pre - maori and represented in carvings as giants, with huge penises, red top hats or hair, red body hair or fur, pale sky eyes and exceedingly knowledgeable, in fact the founders of the New Zealand Maori Tohunga (priestly) caste and education system.

That the Government is covering up is a certainty...

and on and on and on...tedious really...

The name the so called Maori gave themselves...Tangata Iwi, people of the tribes.

The legend of the people of the mist is that of the current Tuhoe tribe, my tribe in fact...

The place occupied by the Giants is not known but the greatest incidences of fair skinned blue eyed maori pre colonisation arose in the East Coast, above the Gisborne area, on any map.

Ana me whakatupato koe i o korero, kei ngaua koe i te tapu....

Ka huri...

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