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Still Waters

Meet the squonk

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I recall first hearing about it in the song "Squonk", from the Album "A Trick of the Tale" by Genesis.

It was inspired by the book ' Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods, ', as mentioned in the linked article.

It's very sad.

(The album title track is also about a Cryptid... an intelligent anthropoid captured and put on display as a freak, before finally tricking its captors into releasing it, whereby it runs back to its hidden 'home'... possibly in another dimension ? )

And so we set out with the best and his horns
And his crazy description of home.
After many days journey we came to a peak
Where the beast gazed abroad and cried out.
We followed his gaze and we thought that maybe we saw
A spire of gold - no, a trick of the eye that's all,
But the beast was gone and a voice was heard:

  "They've got no horns and they've got no tails, and they don't even know of our existence... "

"Hello Friend.. welcome home...."


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What a fun fairy tale! I like it.

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Squonk...sounds like a word you'd see in the old batman tv show when they were fighting :-D

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He's an ugly brute. I'll give him that. 


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