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32 minutes ago, I'mConvinced said:

I'm not saying it's out of the realms for eternal entities to want to seek experience of every kind just because. I'm saying when I get to my next turn I hope it's not that.

Might be. Your true self might like horror flicks.

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12 hours ago, Hammerclaw said:
13 hours ago, Stubbly_Dooright said:

You know, I find this interesting. I consider this a thought provoking question. Something, I have entertained here and there. If there is a part of us that continues on, with all that I consider tied into our biology, what part of us does go on to the next? Would we know our identity, because I wonder if our identity is probably tied up in our physical bodies, our brains. 

I feel this is like how, some have pondered (entertainingly) on Star Trek's beaming process and wonder if it's the same soul that re-materializes after the transporter effect. One wouldn't know, because the brain would reinsert itself of the person's identity, not realizing that the original soul probably died when the body was taken apart before the beaming process. 

When considering the possibility of continuing on after death, what is there really to consider to live on? And would we remember who we were? 


Do we remember who we are, now? Broken down to it's constituent and minute parts, a living organism is merely information. Information that could be recorded and replicated with a sufficient level of technology. Life may be the ultimate virtual reality experience of beings of which we are avatars, who will remember everything of this virtual life experience and the lessons garnered in. 

You know, I often wonder, if I remember a lot of it now, from my life before my car accident. I think I forgot a lot of it, until someone from the past goes, remember when, .......... and then the next I know it, a memory pops into my head. It sometimes feels weird, because for a bit I didn't think I remember doing that. 


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