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Is His House Haunted?

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Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted anything. I've been dating my boyfriend for 3 months and his house is just creepy :unsure:

These stories are what happened between me, my boyfriend and us together.

My boyfriend lives in a small, 3 bedroom house in a kind of ghetto neighborhood. I also lived there for 12 years. When me and him started dating, I've been to his house several times, the vibe is weird, hard to explain. I asked him if he believes in the paranormal, angels, God, satan, demons, etc. He started telling me stories, including one where his mom heard a baby cry downstairs. She thought her son, daughter in law and grand daughter were home, but she remembered they were gone the night before. One time me and him were watching movies and playing with his cat in his bedroom. Suddenly, I saw a black figure pass quick near my feet. I told him about it, we were looking for his cat, but the cat was behind us all the time. Another time, we were upstairs in the kitchen eating. After we ate (it was just him and me, his parents were sleeping) we started talking and ended up into deep feelings, that we suddenly felt like someone was watching us. It felt uncomfortable that I decided to go home, it was only 10-11pm. Another time, we were also in the kitchen, we were done eating and talking random stuff. I left one of the cupboard doors opened unintentionally, and suddenly it closed by itself. There was no wind at all. And a packet of cheese that I used to make mac and cheese also moved by itself, and it was weird because it was right behind a George Foreman grill, no way wind or anything could move it. A couple days ago, I woke up around 8, he called me as always to say good morning. He then told me he's hearing loud footsteps that started from the bedroom next to his (that bedroom is empty his older brother sleeps in a room in the garage) it went past the hallway, up the stairs, then silence.

Me: "go check if there's someone"

Him: I will right now... Babe.. Theres nobody, my parents are working, my brother is asleep in his room, I checked all over there's nobody, I'm going back to my room.

We kept talking on thr phone for a bit , he then started hearing the footsteps again, he heard one of the chairs move by itself, since his room is right underneath the kitchen and they have tile floors. He went back upstairs to check and NOTHING. A day or 2 before that, we were playing together on PS4 and talking in a private party. He was with his nephew and they kept hearing the doorbell rang. I also heard it too. He said a couple seconds before he opened the door the doorbell was ringing, it was nobody. Both of them were freaked out.

I tell him to try and figure out the history of the house. Maybe someone died, was killed, anything. The neighborhood has a lot of shootings, homicides, deaths, etc. So any of those things could've happened in that house before they moved in there in 1997.

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