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Mystery microbe may be key to origin of viruses

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Couldn't this mystery microbe, just as easily, be the reason for evolution. I've always thought that a desirable mutation is evolution while a undesirable mutation is cancer.  Perhaps this is a bit simplistic, but seems like a logical definition to me.

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Wow, fascinating! 




Hold on a minute, isn't it a tiny piece of shoggoth, right? 

Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li! 

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"A microRNA (abbreviated miRNA) is a small non-coding RNA molecule (containing about 22 nucleotides) found in plants, animals and some viruses, that functions in RNA silencing and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression.[1][2] While the majority of miRNAs are located within the cell, some miRNAs, commonly known as circulating miRNAs or extracellular miRNAs, have also been found in extracellular environment, including various biological fluids and cell culture media.[3]"


It is believed that microRNA can transfer between food and a host, but there are arguments that microRNA could not survive the digestion process. If the simplistic assumption that everything is destroyed in digestion were actually true, we would have no concern about salmonella or ingesting amoeba, and probiotics would have zero effect. Bacteria and even amoeba do in fact survive the digestive process intact, and so assuming microRNA would not is an amazing feat of rationalization only possible in people receiving corporate funding for their own research.

Leaky Gut Syndrome is basically damage to the intestines which can allow larger particles to pass into the blood stream than would otherwise. Anyone with a Leaky Gut could be more vulnerable to microRNA effects, which was very likely left out of any research on the matter.

So if you're looking for the beginnings of viruses, I suggest you take a closer look at extracellular miRNAs. But be warned, there is plenty of propaganda from GMO producers trying to convince everyone that GMO miRNAs don't exist.

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