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Ancient ghost stories?

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Yep, I'm posting this in the history area instead of the ghost area... I figured I needed a bit more historical help with this question, and I know we got members in this area of UM that can probably help me out. I also wanted to skip over the whole "do ghosts exist or not" debate and just get to the nitty gritty of history.

Most of my ghost knowledge goes about 1200-800ish maybe? And more Western European with the older stuff. As in stories about ghosts themselves. And it came to my attention recently that I don't know diddly past that.. I know Egyptians had a serious culture around death and the afterlife- but I don't know about any ghost legends from then. I know some of Greek and Roman myth lore, but am ignorant of ghost legends haunting places. I know some Asian lore goes way back too, but I'm spotty with that.

I tend to hang out more in the spookier areas of UM, and most ghost legends are more current too. I got into a conversation over the weekend about just how far back do ghost legends get? It was with another person who's timeline didn't extend much further than me, so we mused about it.

So now I'm curious.. what ancient ghost legends are out there? How far back on the historical record does the living record the events of dead people haunting them?

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