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Deconstructing An Apparition By J. D. Frodsh

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Deconstructing An Apparition

By J. D. Frodsham


Some years ago I received a call from a Miss Fotheringham (pseudonym) who told me that a neighbour of hers was having her house exorcised that morning because it was haunted.  The next day I contacted the neighbour, Mrs Rossmoyne (pseudonym), of Subiaco and found her to be an intelligent, rational and helpful informant. 
Mrs Rossmoyne told me that the previous August a friend had given her an old photograph album, bound in leather with a brass catch, which had been identified as being an Australian album of an unusual design, probably dating from about 1880.  Her friend had purchased this from a second-hand shop.  It was a family album containing approximately twenty photographs, among them one of a grave-stone marking a grave in which were buried George Whitehead, a child aged one year and four months who had died in 1856, and his elder brother, also named George, who had died at the age of twenty-four in a railway accident.  It was impossible to ascertain the location of the grave, but the inscription on the gravestone would seem to indicate that it might be found in or around Darlington.  This could refer either to Darlington, New South Wales, or Darlington, Western Australia, though the latter would appear to be the more likely site.  So far, I have not succeeded in finding the gravestone.

After Mrs Rossmoyne had owned the album for a couple of weeks, she was sitting in front of the fire with her husband, glancing through the photographs, when she suddenly decided that she did not wish to keep the picture of the grave because it was "morbid".  She thereupon took it out of the album and threw it into the fire.  Her husband, who was able to corroborate that she had remarked that she did not like the picture in question, did not actually see her do this.  Mrs Rossmoyne however, is quite positive that she pulled it out of the slots in which it was set and burnt it.

About three weeks later, while showing the album to her younger brother, she noticed to her amazement that the photograph was back in its original place in the album.  She was certain that there could not have originally been two photographs of the gravestone as she had gone carefully through the album on a number of occasions.  She immediately rang a friend of hers who acts as a medium to a Roman Catholic group, and asked her advice as to whether she should burn the picture again.  The medium advised her not to do so.  On 27th December, Mrs Rossmoyne noticed that a photograph of her father, taken when he was approximately two years old, had disappeared from the shelf on which it stood.  A thorough search of the room revealed nothing.  At the end of January, however, when Mrs Rossmoyne and her husband returned from an overseas holiday, the photograph had reappeared, not in its original position but on the shelf beneath, standing up as though it had been put there deliberately.  Mrs Rossmoyne had previously checked this shelf thoroughly.  Since the house had been locked up during their absence it was clearly impossible for the photograph to have reappeared through normal means.



more at link above.



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