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Still Waters

First woman in China Cryogenically frozen

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Cryonics is the practice of deep-freezing recently deceased bodies (or even just the brains of those who have recently died) in the hopes of one day reviving them. It has been the subject of serious scientific exploration and study — as well as a fair share of pseudoscience, lore, and myth. Fictional accounts like Batman’s Iceman, and the (untrue) rumors of Walt Disney being cryogenically frozen have, unfortunately, cast a speculative shadow over the field of cryonics.

But recently, for the first time ever in China, a woman has been cryogenically frozen. Zhan Wenlian died at the age of 49 from lung cancer and her husband, Gui Junmin, “volunteered” her for the cryonic procedure.

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body into a stable state where it won’t be decaying, but also won’t suffer damage 

Damage? But the body was damaged before she died..from lung cancer.

I do not understand why, if they find a way of bringing someone back to life, why on a person who has died of cancer? They could not save her this time, so it would be double the task to try to bring her back and then cure her. ....if it could ever be possible.

Would parts of her body be useful in the future, or would it be better to use parts from someone who was healthy and died in an accident.

This is all quite morbid to talk about, but i find the whole thing quite morbid and seeing as the population is not decreasing, why try to bring back dead people when the living need to be taken care of first, especially when a cure for cancer has not been found and i have no doubts for some forms it will never be because of our lifestyles today. 

Should the would want to bring back people or use their body parts in the future when they have died too young because of a desease? I say lay them to rest and concentrate on helping the living.


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