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The treasure of the Knights Templar

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The hidden treasures of the Knights Templar cannot be estimated in terms that are realistic or that we could readily understand. Today, we speak in terms of the Rockefeller Dynasty, the Rothschild banking family, Goldman Sachs, the Clinton Foundation . . . but, even if you merged all the vast wealth of these and many more conglomerates, you would get nowhere near the vast fortune of the Knights Templar.


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Interesting article The History channel is downing a show called KnightFall, about the Knights Templar. They haven't said when it will be on though.

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It is always interesting to read other theories about the final destination of the Black Fleet. I have myself, devoted a few years to following up on other evidential pointers that locate the hoard very specifically both geographically and temporally, with good reason as to why it has not yet been revealed.

I am intending to serialise my own investigations in the near future, and it will appear here first to allow the UM Community to scrutinise

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