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Aquila King

Does Real Magic Actually Exist?

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I have often wondered if the lack of magic in our world, not to dispute anyone's abilities, but what I perceive as magic compared to myth and legendary tales could be tied to the decline of earths magnetic fields. We are after all electrical creatures and the stronger the magnet the more dynamic the charge. Perhaps after the next pole shift will the field strengthen and enhance latent ability?  Were things once possible that no longer are? Just fun to think about as my own mystical skills appear to be quite nil :lol: curse you fickle lottery numbers...

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Magik is Mind Power and Mind Power is Real. What is it? Present Focused Consciousness. How does it work? By realizing we define our "self" by what others have perceived and labelled,  "our personality".. we act, without awareness to actively strive, without realising our active participation, into fitting  into the box, we've unconsciously "allowed" our "self" to be in"..  Once we own up to the parts we play in our life story and take responsibility for the outcome,  we shed the first layer of programming which sets in motion more releasing and healing and That is the ladder towards Inner knowledge, and as they say knowledge is Power.. Summoned in correct sequence, Power is Magic. ..And the Magic is Creation..

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