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Fear of death

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Socrates once stated that there is no use fearing what we don't know.   The only thing that makes death terrible is the fear behind it and the selfishness of the people in that will survive the aftermath. 
I still do have a fear of Nietzsche demon. 
My understanding from what we know of the universe has caused me to speculate that not only is death an illusion, but that we are destined to return as ourselves again and again and again for eternity forced to live out experience exactly as we had done the previous time.

I really hope I'm wrong.

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I get the notion of resonance of life and the patterns repeat, but change is one of the few constants in the apparent universe.

I don't get bogged down in the assumption that every life is identical to the last.


Nature is flow.  Life and all of us are fluid, flowing verbs, not static nouns.

Nothing is static and unchanging.

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Fear of death? Death ends all pain.

I fear of having a life after death, I'd rather have my soul completely dissipate into thin dust, thus ending our thoughts and mind like before we were born.

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Life is a process of constant grasping and consuming of other life, in various forms, to maintain its own inertia.

It is at its core a selfish, acquisitional process.

Decay is the utter release of this process and a return and giving away of what has been used for a time, by awareness.


Death always calls us home, because death is a more loving process than life.  It's giving.

Death and decay are nurturing to all other life.  Where as living is consuming.

Both are aspects of one coin... one process.



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On 9/15/2017 at 4:27 AM, Perdurabo said:

“You best start believing in ghost stories, Miss Turner… you’re in one!”

So says Captain Hector Barbossa in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I have rarely enjoyed a Hollywood line more than this one. It’s creepy. It’s ironic. It’s humorous. But most of all, it’s true.

Once upon a time, (like you perhaps?) I believed myself to be a single individual of an advanced ape-like species living in a solid, somewhat clockwork universe. I say “clockwork” because this existence seemed regulated by chain-reactions and set in a framework called Time. I say “somewhat” because the whole thing was always a little fuzzy around the edges. Like I was being forced to concentrate on a single character in a play I had not written. I had a beginning that I could not remember and would face an ending that I could not predict. Sound and fury, signifying nothing and rounded with a sleep. (Sorry. Bard-o moment!)

Just about every religion and belief system in the world holds to the idea of some kind of afterlife. Heaven or hell; reincarnation; tunnels and white lights. Even some atheists express a hope that their “energy” might continue on in some different form.

Most people know they are going to die. Since very few of them know what will happen to them afterwards, they avoid thinking about it. There is fear. There is hope. But mostly, there is ignorance.

When I was a young man and newly Enlightened, I would drive my friends crazy with my detachment. More than once they feared me suicidal because I would so often give away my possessions. “Dude,” they would say, “you need to come down to earth and quit trying to see everything from God’s point of view!”

So I tried. I walked the common path. Son; student; worker; husband; father. Many adventures, few regrets. However, as Oliver Holmes once so rightly observed, “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

I am no different or better than any other single individual of this advanced ape-like species. I’ve merely climbed a little higher than most so my horizon goes a bit farther out. I can tell you what I see out there though. There is no death. There is no afterlife. There is no spirit world that follows this physical world. There is only the spirit world. An endless Dream where you call the shots (or don’t) according to your own will. What happens when you “die”? Whatever you want.

How scary is that?

So you best start believing in ghosts, Pallidin… You are one!

"I've merely climbed a little higher than most so my horizon goes a bit farther out. I can tell you what I see out there." I am noting the use of "I", "my", "I can tell you", and IMHO calling yourself "enlightened" is ego bravado. 

Some people do know they are going to die and whether they face death in fear or acceptance is their choice, their call, and either way they are not better than or less than because of it. 

With that being said, it sounds like you have found a way to cope with your fear of death and good for you, but ask yourself why do others need to see it your way? This is a rhetorical question.

Perhaps you are seeking validation, needing to be right about this. Thank you for reading my opinion  if you do and this is only my two cents, for whatever it is worth and it may be nothing and that is fine with me too.

Nonetheless, welcome to UM. 



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