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Snow leopard no longer 'endangered'

Still Waters

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Has the chilling threat of extinction worn off at last for the long-endangered snow leopard?

Not exactly - but the iconic big cats' conservation status has been improved from "endangered" to "vulnerable".

Experts have warned that the species still faces serious threats from poaching and habitat destruction.

The elegant yet elusive creatures, which live in the mountains of central Asia, were first listed as endangered by the IUCN in 1972.





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See what happens when we let nature alone?  Cats will do what cats do in the middle of the night with lots of screaming and in their case roaring.

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"At the top of the mountain we are all snow leopards.”

- Hunter S. Thompson -


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I wonder if anyone would care if this was a species of frog being saved from the brink.

The way us humans work the only animals left on this planet will be cute and furry. Sure they might not have an environment to live in but who cares? FLUFFY!

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