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Aus Der Box Skeptisch

Free Writing exercise - pack of cigarettes

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It's been awhile since I have done one of these. I used to post free writing exercises on here a few years back.  I hope you enjoy it. I will write unplanned. This is only an exercise but I have had some good things come out in the past. So here goes.





The sound of my nails tapping on the counter helps me to think sometimes. It's not a conscious effort, I just find myself doing it. But, I think it helps. 

I need to make a decision.

I turned and walked out the door.

     Kicking a board across pavement is an experience of sound that if never known is not missed but once it is let into your body it becomes the background music to life, like a movie that plays a song to accentuate a feeling of a moment. I rode out to the local hang out. Every town has one. You know that place where all the teenage deviants hang out. Thats what I was an 18 year old deviant. Fresh out  of highschool a month ago. 
Our hangout is a 20 ft wide cement storm drainage pipe. We call it the curve. Out of the shadows I heard:

"Hey Alex whats going on man" 

"Hey Niko, not much." I said

"Got a smoke?" He asked

"Sure here you go" I said

"Wanna go kick the curve?" Niko asked

With that the boards hit cement and we rode. 

     Kicking the curve means to ride the pipe.  Thats what we did. We rode that drainage pipe back and forth and up so high we were almost inverted. Noone has ever gone all the way around. The last kid who tried ended up breaking his arm and dislocating his shoulder. It wasn't good at all. They kicked us out of here for awhile after that one. It took 2 months before the police got bored and stopped watching this spot. So, we may not do the loop but we tear it up all the same.  

     This place has been my second home since I started highschool. I found that this is where I belonged. This is where I was accepted and I could just do me. Man, did we ride hard. We each tumbled a few times but each of us pulled off some hardcore tricks in the process.

     Niko rolled up and asked if I wanted to go back to his place. He was having a party later and promised a good time. I declined and he asked whats been going on with me lately. I just shook my head and said I had alot going on right now.

     I took out a cigarette for myself, gave my last one to niko and headed home. 

     On the way, I stopped at the corner store. "Hey pops" I said as I walked in. "Usual, Alex? Pops asked. I nodded and handed him cash for a new pack of cigarettes. Take it easy pops I said as I walked out the door to the last stretch before I made it home. As I began to tear the wrapper from the pack of cigarettes I nodded. I pulled out a smoke, put it to my lips and lit it. As I blew out I felt the anxiety of the decision I had to make float away on the smoke.

I had made my decision. I'm going to accept the scholarship I applied for and go to college.

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