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Physicists create synthetic magnetic monopole

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Yes, finally, scientists cracked it, this opens up the door to magnets generating electricity for hundreds of years, (or forever if one person is involved) and magnetic trains that require no electrical current for levitation.

Obviously cost is probably the big question mark, pretty useless to create something that powers a house forever if it costs a million or two.

But creating something that will spin for the rest of your life, (taking into account maintenance) is now Officially possible.


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Therein expressly mentioned in regard to electrical energy -

"[The] creation of synthetic electric and magnetic fields is a new and rapidly expanding branch of physics that may lead to the development and understanding of entirely new materials, such as higher-temperature superconductors for the lossless transmission of electricity."

Read more at:"

What I especially liked about the article was its exampling what teachers have to learn from students as much as vice versa.  Moreover, in confirming Dirac's theory, it implied what promise generations past and present may hold for the yet unborn.

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