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Psychic Reading Relationship Question

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I'll try to keep this short as I can. Basically, there's a girl that I love, and I know she loves me, but I broke up with her a year and a half ago because I was confused about what I wanted at the time but we still continued to live together. Jump ahead to about a month and a half ago I find out she has feelings for someone else, but it most likely won't work out with this guy, but just the fact that she has feelings for somebody else drove me a little crazy and kind of helped me realize what I wanted and why I did certain things in the past. We decided we should move apart from each other for a while to figure out what we want from each other.

Anyway, I talked to a pretty reputable psychic about it yesterday, and she says that I'm going to find another girl in the future that is going to be a lot like the girl I'm talking about, we'll call her Sara, but better and more "spunky". But that Sara and I have a very special bond and that we will always be close friends but that right now she needs to discover herself. She also said that Sara and I will be together again when we're old and grey which I thought was strange. What happens to the new girl? Do we split up? Does she die?

We both have a very strong connection and we've both felt it since we met, it's only within the last few months that it feels like there's been some distance between us just because she's been focusing on other things and another guy because she didn't think there was going to be a chance with my again. And it took her having feelings for someone else to help me realize what I want and what caused me to act the way I did in the past. Hearing that there is another girl in my future is both exciting and devastating because I want that feeling of love back, but I want it with Sara.

Anyway, I guess my question is, is it possible that maybe she interpreted it incorrectly? And that maybe this new girl is actually just Sara but a more grown up and exciting version of her that I haven't met yet? I don't know how psychic work or if I even believe it, but I always imagined that they got fragments of things and it was up to the psychic to interpret what they were seeing, and that there could be multiple outcomes but they just pick the one they see clearest or strongest about.

Thanks for any answers!

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First off you screwed up giving up on her and I think you only want her back because you don't have her . I don't put much faith in a psychic , there seems to be one on every corner . I've been two 3 during my life and all 3 were so wrong about what was told to me. Why go to a psychic when you dumped the girl in the first place ? Move on and if you find someone else that you both have feelings for each other hang on to her . 

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On 21/09/2017 at 9:14 PM, pancakesareforever said:

Anyway, I guess my question is, is it possible that maybe she interpreted it incorrectly?

I would say it's more than possible. Don't let some self-proclaimed soothsayer decide your life for you.

If you believe the future to be set in stone then what is there to worry about? You can do nothing to change it.

If it is not set in stone then how exactly can a Psychic tell you something is going to happen for certain?


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