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Will Due

A Universal Religion

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21 minutes ago, Will Due said:
53 minutes ago, Stubbly_Dooright said:

The only problem I would see, is that there is no way of recording all of it, like we can in the natural world. 

Religion, as I've referred to it here, is everything we think of as being religion so far on our world, as it has been practiced and recorded by the various organized world religion's sacred texts, and so forth, and not to the exclusion of unwritten religious sacred tradition.

These records exist and in the context of this discussion, are the things that stand now to be taken as serious as possible but in the future will only be regarded as the scaffolding of what will emerge from the cocoon of primitive beliefs, and systems to know and understand God, the emergence like a butterfly from a caterpillar,  true religion, unorganized and personal, unique in every individual's case, but similar in its true spiritual make up, or direction.


I think I understand what you are saying. :yes:   Kind of like, 'the truth will always come out', or no matter what, what is at one's core, or at the center of something, will let itself known eventually. So, with what you are saying about thinking of Religion and it's recorded history, the essence of religion, whether it's recorded or not, but how it's seen, and practiced, and believed, and adhered to, is 'the true religion'? 

I find that fascinating. :yes: 

24 minutes ago, Will Due said:
55 minutes ago, Stubbly_Dooright said:

we still have so many versions of religion and beliefs. Wouldn't the 'true religion' pretty much exercise the rest away?

Yes, true religion will continue to grow, the knowledge thereof, in the combined consciousness of society to build on the old and eventually completely displace the old way to approach God.

Well, from my perspective, if it's true religion, it would have been around longer and everywhere. (And more likely, become law I would guess) If anything, (and I'm saying this as a particular unique believer of my own belief) I see more Atheists, and Atheism become more excepted, because well, ........... as we become more quickly able to communicate all around the world, and able to quickly get more information, and have the ability to come to conclusions faster through science, I would think, (and I see it as this by observation) I would think that is what is emerging. *shrugs* 

28 minutes ago, Will Due said:
59 minutes ago, Stubbly_Dooright said:

Despite how it might look to have a majority of the population of varying mainstream religions, everyone has a right to practice or not practice a religion, and hence, many, including myself, really hadn't had the dependable source to gain the knowledge of God.

Everyone has a duty to workout their own true religion. To apply all that speaks to its many truths by themselves and to dismiss the distractions attended when someone else tries to tell you what it is (this seems contradictory right now doesn't it) because true religion has no go between. It's direct. You and God, and only you and God.

Faith is the key.


Well, my point still stands, as I will repeat it. What you just said in your post, I don't see how it can be, objectively and by everyone, because again, the way it seems of how obstacles, and the lack of accessibility of it to everyone. 

So, you say, everyone has a duty to workout their own true religion. Who is telling everyone they have a duty? No one said that to me or my siblings, when we grew up in a secular household. We had a duty to uphold the laws and to be well behaved citizens. That was told to us by education. How would everyone by told then? 

And how does anyone actually see what distractions that they should dismiss? Again, I don't see how this is communicated objectively and to everyone. Distractions, also, could mean anything. 

If it's direct, why doesn't it seem like that then? If it's direct, why doesn't everyone have this 'true religion' then? 

Faith being the key, but I don't think faith is the ultimate communicative tool. There has to be something there, to hold that faith. 

Do you see what I mean, Will? 

32 minutes ago, ChaosRose said:

Ever have a glitch where you're reading one discussion and suddenly you wind up in another? 

I'm like...wait a minute...this isn't the end of the world thread. How did I get here? Lol. 

Hazards of online before coffee.

Sorry, but I have to be blunt here, Chaos. But, noooooot smart!!! (JK thought, JK :D ) Coffee is the ultimate tool for ........................... well coffee is just is!!!! Hummmmpf!! *crosses arms like a sad badass* 



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Well, I had the coffee on the desk. I wouldn't risk being here without it. I just hadn't consumed enough yet. 

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6 minutes ago, ChaosRose said:

Well, I had the coffee on the desk. I wouldn't risk being here without it. I just hadn't consumed enough yet. 

Priorities Sweetcheeks, priorities!!!!

*wags the neener neener finger in fake self-rightousness!* (and then realizing her spelling is sad) :o 


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