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Damien Nettles

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On 1/29/2018 at 0:00 PM, CrackerC117 said:

 The holiday camp where he worked in the summer of '96 was said to be where he met older people - shady characters?

Well, the info was that his parents were worried about that situation, but I think it could have been just the fact that they were all older.

Btw, this must be the same "group of people a little bit older than him" that his ex- girlfriend mentioned in that doc. (pt. 1 @8:23.)

22 hours ago, CrackerC117 said:

Below is a quote from Mrs Nettles on the Facebook page, with some very interesting details about the owner of the Ford Fiesta and a group called the 'Cowes Argo', who were said to have been involved in violence.

Well, is it known whether she knew Damien?

I've wondered whether the owner of the Fiesta and Witness K could actually be the same person since Witness K knew Damien and the sighting was when she was on her way to The Harbour Lights.)

Regardless, I'd like to know how Witness K knew Damien and also, precisely where he was when she saw him.

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