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Psychokinesis Videos

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58 minutes ago, meirphase said:

Im not here to challenge your reality.. if you gain nothing from my view the of the world thats fine. It wasnt my intention to start this debate.

Actually you did challenge with this statement , "I understand theres alot of fakes and magic tricks to sift through, but closing off your mind to such a possibility is just arrogance and ego. Just those 2 

emotional trains of thought are responsible for so much pain and suffering on this planet."

58 minutes ago, meirphase said:

My intention was like it reads in the description, "Created a channel, interested in networking with like minded folk" 

Even the first video where i said I created it for people who are sceptical of this ability. This was aimed at psychokinesis users, its a hybrid 

ability that I havent seen in the psychokinesis community.

In other words you don't want any challenges to your claims and according to you the only reason for any such challenge is simply arrogance and ego.  That's fine but please don't state that there are:

"Many esteemed universities have studied paranormal abilities like psychokinesis/hydrokinesis/aerokinesis etc

And found there to be undeniable evidence these abilities are possible. Some simple googling and reading is all it takes to find proof of this."

This simply isn't true and the "universities" you linked are neither esteemed nor accredited.   If you have a study you'd like to present then feel free, otherwise you should retract the above at least.


I seriously didnt realize this would be a hot topic here, I dont always word things the right way either... I sincerely apologize to anyone that I offended

I wont be showing my face around here again. I still wish you all the best

Oh, it really isn't all that hot a topic, there are many here making similar claims and not a one has been able to offer anything that would be considered legitimate proof of their beliefs.

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I'd encourage to repeat experiment devised by E. Frenkel. Any takers?

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On 12/16/2017 at 5:40 AM, bmk1245 said:

I'd encourage to repeat experiment devised by E. Frenkel. Any takers?

Dam* hardcore belief power at its finest! Reckon theres another universe in some other dimension where it worked? Regardless, i suppose we are still in the non stopping things with our mind universe.

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