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Still Waters

'Ghost' caught on camera? school CCTV footage

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I was having a chuckle at how simple the video is and how some people are fooled. It reminded me of a saying that makes youngster laugh today. The saying is "Illuminati confirmed." Some politician is exposed doing something greedy and the kids says "Illuminati confirmed." A dictator does something and the kids say "Illuminati confirmed." Some corrupt business person gets away with something and the kids say ...

I guess a similar mantra is at work here. Any video with simple events in it and someone says "Paranormal confirmed." Unlike the kids that know they are telling a joke, some people seem to think they are stating some sort of truth. Weird, just weird.

Comment from coast to coast am


That said, while Deerpark may not truly be haunted by a sinister spirit, there is apparently someone on the staff who is teaching the kids a valuable lesson in viral marketing.


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Found an interesting video the school did last year. I was actually looking for more of the spooky stuff, and came across a debunk- it's in French. But what was interesting is that there were shots of the spooky area during the daytime when the students filmed a mannequin challenge. Points out where the lockers weren't, that the window opens, and where the real security camera is actually mounted starting at around 9:50

The French debunk video:


Below is the mannequin challenge video. It's interesting to note that the same area is used for both the spooky videos, it's just filmed from the two different ends of the area. Starting at about 1:04 the camera starts panning down the area, revealing where all the doors, security camera, locker locations, window.. around 1:55 the camera gets outside and you get a brief shot of the courtyard outside the window in the first ghost video. Thought folks might find it interesting to see what the place looks like in the daytime.


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9 hours ago, stereologist said:

Apparently, the school has made videos before. Frankly, a school is likely to allow the project to go forward and then not comment on it afterwards. They have other issues that take up their time.

Still, it is amazingly easy to fool the extremely gullible. Never ceases to amaze me what simple tricks fool the gullible.

Seems to me to be a good way to teach their kids that if you fake and hoax, you can get lots of attention.  And from that, ad revenue etc....  Is this school perhaps wanting to be the source of the next Steven Greer, Jaime Maussan, Jose Escamilla,.. etc?

I guess they looked at drug production, too, but figured you can more easily be arrested for that.. OK, I'm being a little tongue in cheek, but I think it's a very thin wedge they are walking...

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