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How close are we to finding Planet Nine ?


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There has been some discussion among the scientific community for a lot of years about there being the possibility of a dwarf star in the outer limits of the solar system. Don't know if I believe it or not but all I know is this story is gonna have Nibiru nutjobs going whack, saying "I told you so! Take cover!"

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Check out this episode of Space's Deepest Secrets: Race To Planet 9


Or you may be able to watch it here:


Or here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5o65ud

Or, if you get the Science Channel, they may be replaying it someday. Watch the schedule.


Couple facts I remember from the show, they suspect it exists because measurements prove something is perturbing Kuiper Belt Trans Newtonian objects. The suspected superearth sized planet never gets closer to us than 16 billion miles, and gets about 100 - 120 billion at its furthest. It won't be the death of us. 


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I hope Voyager doesn't bump into it

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2 hours ago, spud the mackem said:

I hope Voyager doesn't bump into it

Why?  That would be the best thing to happen.  We'd know about it way after it happened, but we'd know where to keep looking for it based on the mathematical models of the orbit.

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