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I am being to curious

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Dear Unexplained, this is my first post here so i want to make it count.

First of allow me to tell me my background story as it is key to what i am trying to describe.

I am a young adult in my mid twenty's and have been some major rough patches in my youth just as many teens experience, I have seen my brother struggling with alcohol and drug's addiction when i was thirteen and duo to that something literally snapped in my head. I know it sounds like i might be on the edge of insanity i already covered this thought ( Ha ha) but since that moment where every single thought clusters and has no outlet your brain short circuits and just overflows. Being neglected by my parents because my brother was in a desperate state i turned my attention to sports and was actually getting quite good this a was a great outlet for all the stress i was feeling at home. But at the age of sixteen i got heavily depressed because my brother tried to commit suicide and witnessed two attempts and it even got so far that me beating helped to no avail unfortunately that same day police arrived and asked if they needed to arrest him where i said no because oh well i am stupid and my love for my family had gotten priority. When i got depressed i basically threw my life away and did not socialize at all and considered the world dead to me the only thing i did was play useless video games, i know tough love right..  But eventually i stopped being stubborn and got my self some help to get rid of this so called demon in me and got sent into a new project called EMDR which is basically hypnotherapy using binaural beats not entirely sure if it worked but i faded those memories away so in the end i managed to get through it obviously with side effect's but hey i am not perfect. Now heading a few years forward i am twenty three  now and life has been swell but something still bothers me and i will try to describe it as best of my capability allows me to so you guys might have a sense what i am talking about, I am feeling a urge to know and learn everything my from conspiracies to mysteries, linguistics to hell even math. To be honest i always have been quite the energetic person and my mind races through information but even though i cannot finish a task because i already think of the next one even though throughout my youth been terrible i always proclaimed this sentence when i was feeling down.


Never Run Never Hide Always Stand Always Fight.

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