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something strange watching meteor shower

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my sister and i decided to lay outside on the driveway to watch the meteor shower going on tonight. we went outside at about midnight. we live in a rural area and all the lights were off so the stars were very bright. we saw a few shooting stars etc when suddenly we see something pass over our heads then shine as bright as a star then turn back into a shadow and go into the trees. when it first passed overhead i thought it was a bird or bat because of how close it was, how it was moving, and the shadow of it. but then it glowed very bright like a star would whitish blue. it wasnt a circle, if anything it was ovalish in shape. the glow was the size of a leaf and lasted about 10 feet of travel.  then it stopped glowing and went into the trees. it happened very quickly and both my sister and i saw it.  we dont have any paranormal activity in our house. except for a few sleep paralysis experiences ive had. we do live in the most haunted town in Connecticut though. theres no chance of it being a reflected light. bc we live in the middle of nowhere and no lights were on so we could watch the stars. does anyone know what this mightve been. 

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