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Newbee looking for answers

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Hi everyone, I’m new here but could do with some help and advice if anyone is able!

So basically i moved into a new house about 4 weeks ago now!

The landlady said that one of the lights in the dining room constantly keep blowing, i never thought anything of it until this afternoon..

Also, the other day i put the washer on. Everything was fine but as soon as i put the dryer on, the fuse box tripped nd turned the full curcit off.. Attached to the circuit is the washer, dryer and dish washer! My partner was adiment it was my dryer that was making it trip but i was totally against this idea.

While i was still in bed my partner but the washer and dryer all all separate and said everything was fine. As soon as i used it, it started tripping out again..

While he was at work today i used the washer and dryer together to see if anything happened... Guess what?? They worked absolutely fine without any issues. So, while they where doing their thing i thought i would watch some TV.. However, my TV would not work. The red standby light was on so usually i'd press the button on the remote to turn it on but nothing at all would turn it on.. I turned if on and off at the wall, on and off by the TV, i even changed the batteries in the remote but still nothing..

I told my partner when he came in from work, all he did was press the button on the remote and it started working!!!!!!! This really annoyed me as i had been trying for hours to get this working but it just wouldn't.........

and the last thing, i am constantly cold in this house.. I have the heating on but my hands are always freezing and i have goose pimples on my arms and my chest area!

Any advise that anyone could offer would be great. 


Jen x

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