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Mystery surrounds poisoned trees in Norfolk


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2 minutes ago, seanjo said:

My first suspects would be anyone that has applied for a solar panel grant and had it refused because the trees are in the way.

Or the trees are blocking light to their property. But either way, they would be obvious suspects. Surely anyone living that close wouldn't be stupid enough to do it?

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Residents at Koolunga House, which is divided into seven flats, have offered a £700 reward for information.


Perhaps it was someone hoping to occupy one of the flats and was turned down.

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Someone probably resented having their view blocked. I would suspect someone on a second story or higher. Wonder what is beyond the trees? Not a nice thing to do.

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This sort of thing happens all the time in Oz along the beachfront. Trees needed to preserve the beachfront get “mysteriously” poisoned. One local council responded by putting up a big sign saying “TREE KILLED HERE. PLEASE CONTACT THE COUNCIL IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING”. After the sign was mysteriously knocked down a new sign popped up detailing the fines relating to the destruction of council property and a smaller one informing people that servalliance cameras were now in use.

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