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Michael Stone & The Chillenden Murders

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In 1996, 45 year old Lin Russell was walking home with daughters Meghan and Josie. They were walking through a field along Cherry Garden Lane, Kent, England, when something awful happened. Meghan and Lin were killed, supposedly with a hammer. Josie was seriously injured and survived through critical care of a nearby hospital. After a long investigation, Michael Stone, a local man was charged with their murder. 

Stone has always protested his innocence and has made several appeals against the decision of the court. This documentary un-pieces the evidence that led to his conviction.


Having watched the documentary and scrutinised the evidence. I am not 100% sure that I beleive Stone is guilty. No DNA was found to link Stone to the case. Despite little chance of successful appeal, Stone has always maintained his innocence. Josie Russell described the attacker as being tall, like her father. Stone is only 5 foot 7. Does that mean I think Stone is innocent? No. Do I feel there was enough grounds to convict Stone? No. 

On the flip side, I do accept that there are factors that support the guilty verdict. His psychologist's report, saying they were worried he could be capable of it is a key piece of evidence to me. The unexplained blood that was noticed on his clothing after the Russells were killed is also a strong piece of evidence.

I highly disapprove of the deciding piece of evidence though, a witness statement from a later to be convicted murderer. I cannot beleive the prosecution was held together by this alone. Yet, in the Damien Nettles case, the police have dismissed information from bad characters, claiming they are un-trustworthy sources.


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Still Waters

I've found an article which should be helpful for anyone who isn't familiar with the case.


There's also one from the BBC in 2001:


The man accused of bludgeoning to death Lin and Megan Russell admitted his crimes while on remand, a court has heard.

Michael Stone, 41, from Gillingham, Kent, also allegedly described how he tried to kill Megan's sister, Josie Russell, in an attack in a country lane near Chillenden, in Kent, on 9 July 1996.

Mr Stone denies two counts of murder and one of attempted murder.



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