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The Caspian Hare

Jordan to build new city east of Amman

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The Caspian Hare


Jordan has announced plans to build a new city east of the capital, Amman, in order to ease rising population density and traffic congestion.

The project to build the city some 30 kilometres from Amman was part of a drive to stimulate the economy and attract long-term investment, the government said in a statement published on Sunday.

Touted as “environmentally friendly, sustainable and smart”, the new city would be built on a major highway that links Jordan to Iraq and Saudi Arabia.




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Sir Smoke aLot

They already have a big plan which should have started in it's early phase by now, plan for solving Dead Sea environmental problem and providing water for large area ( LINK Wikipedia ) and it seems that large effort is being taken for securing the future of the country. This statement about environmentally friendly city really holds weight in their case.

Refugees are large burden on Jordan economy, and country is not rich with resources at all, actually it's kinda poor, interesting fact considering their location.

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Black Monk

When is Jordan gong to end its occupation of Palestine?

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