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Although an army of Ants will collect anything they can carry.  You wont find any "stamp" collectors among those hordes of insects.


How can you tell if an Ant is a stamp collector?  Look closely for their flattened remains on the floor.

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Folk in soap operas who get hit over the head with a blunt weapon will 9 times out of 10 be up and about like nothing ever happened.  Think Eileen Grimshaw & Pat Phelan from Coronation Street.

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Wood burns when set on fire.

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Candy Crush doesnt make you crave sweets or chocolate.

Candy Crush does switch your brain off though and takes you away from what needs to be done.

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In the old days people would often end up hiding behind their sofas, half way through a episode of Dr Who.  A time lord in his pin-stripe suit soon brought sheer terror into their front rooms.


Nowadays, there is a new menace that creates the same tension and it doesn't come from your TV but from unwelcome specter stood outside your front door.  A Mr Who (the heck is that!!!) who looks quite menacing in his pin-stripe suit, shaved hair cut.  He/It/Who comes with its own unique weapon - a black document holder.  You freeze with terror and then hide behind your sofa as the mysterious visitor lingers with loud knocks and then tries to spot you through your window.


But just like the TV show its all soon over and you breath a sigh of relief.  But what you find in your letter box reminds you that another bone chilling episode of Mr Who (the debt collector) will be by your door again, next week. 

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It will be cool today with varying low temperatures.  The air will be volatile, expect breezes and winds.  There is a good chance of rain with the possibility of sleet or snow on higher grounds.

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