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Still Waters

Mum asks school to remove Sleeping Beauty

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13 hours ago, Taun said:

The new ending to "Sleeping Beauty"...

And so after facing all the obstacles both magical and natural, that fate had placed in his path and having climbed to the tallest tower and finding the Princess sleeping her magical sleep. The Prince realized that only a kiss placed upon her could wake her from her enchanted sleeping curse. Leaning gently over her, mere moments from placing the kiss, he pauses.

"Wait! This helpless damsel can'st not giveth of her own consent! Surely to place a kiss - e'en one so chaste - would'st be as an assault upon her person, her dignity and her personhood. Alas. I must not violate such a person and so I shall leave her to lie here, alone, covered in the dust of the ages, and let her sleep - with her dignity intact, through the long ages left upon this Earth."

And so the Noble Prince left the Sleeping Woman (For to call her "Beauty" would be to objectify her and lessen her self value as a person) to sleep away forever. Cursed eternally to sleep, yet free from unwanted sexual "assault", and beholden to no mere man.

Until one day the rats finally found her body and well... you know...

But wait...he can't just leave her sleeping...he must report it immediately, where a special prosecutor will present a case to a judge and jury to as why the Noble Perp should be allowed to kiss her without consent....Consent may well be given by the court...unless of course the Sleeping Woman has already filed a No Wake Clause in some insurance policy...then it would get sticky in the wickets.

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Wouldn't be surprised if someone invents a device that...well...for example, turns the most disgusting, radioactive water into  a 100% pure and drinkable liquid...but no the device is white and there for racist and can't ever see the light of day...geez...off topic I know. It feels like we're heading for these things though

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