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Something Trying to Communicate?

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This phenomenon started about 4 years ago when I was living in a remote home in the Kentucky woods with my mother and stepfather, who is a practicing native american ritualist. What that meant to me was he would invite large groups of people over and they would dance and sing for almost a whole week at a time then build a giant tent and sweat together. I am not sure if it's at all related but it is important to know for understanding why there were some items in our house.

After coming home from spending a weekend at a friends I walked in to the usual smell of burnt sage and went down to my room which was on the lower level. The day progressed normally, but then that night while I was playing games on my computer I felt a strange sensation on my hips, almost as if I was being dragged to the right side. At first I didn't think anything of it because I had been gaming pretty hard for a few hours. I finished up the game and walked outside to smoke a cigarette. As I was smoking, this is where it started to first concern me. That same feeling from before was now rocking me right to left right to left very slowly. I could resist it, but felt a strange ache in my ribs if I did, so I kind of let myself rock side to side. I noticed it built up to a certain pace, but after 10 minutes and having finished my cigarette, the amazement had ceased and more of a panic set in. I quickly went inside and sat on my bed, not quite sure what to do, but I could fight it. 

The next day I woke and I wasn't feeling the sensation at all, I noticed I could easily stand still with no tugging or pulling or movement. I thought maybe I was going crazy or having some sort of micro-muscle spasm from all of the idle sitting. I went about my day. That night I was on my computer again (it's safe to assume I am always on my computer when not at work), and I started feeling the sensation again. I tried to ignore it, but after a few hours of feeling like something was pushing into my ribs I decided to just test this out again. I stood up in the middle of my basement and relaxed my body. Again I found myself rocking side to side slowly. After almost 10 minutes of that I started to get impatient and decided to sit down, I wasnt sure what this was, but it was getting annoying. I immediately got online and tried to research anything like it but was having no luck with my description. 

I stood there for another half hour or so I would estimate, rocking back and forth. I then tried to relax more parts of myself. My arms hung limp and my head hung so my chin touched my chest, trying to relax completely. I felt a strange sensation on both my back and my hips now. It was a very very strangely real sensation of a larger body breathing against my back. I immediately ran, not knowing what else to do, and quickly laid on my bed on my back and tried to watch a movie to ignore it. This had to be some form of hallucination, I used to do drugs, there is no way this is normal or real. 

Being how open minded my stepfather and mother were, it wouldn't be so strange for me to ask them about something like this, yet I didn't. I did ask if anything had changed while I was gone. Whether this is consequential or not, our house was at that time in possession of ceremonial buffalo skull involved in a lot of practices of the tribe my stepfather belongs to. They explained the reason it was in the special box the way it was, filled and surrounded by sage was all purposeful, but it didn't seem to have anything to do with what I was experiencing. Later that night I made sure to spend extra time out with friends. I am not sure if it was that we were actively bowling and so I couldn't feel it, but I realized I didn't experience it for a few days after that also. I thought everything was in my head and tried to dismiss it. A week or so went by before I felt the sensation again. The more time I spent in the house the more it seemed to happen. I was working as a delivery driver at that time, so moving around a lot was easy, but after taking a few days off of work or a long weekend, the sensation would happen again. 

I moved out of the house 3 months later. I moved more than 20 miles from that house. I thought it was the house that was doing it. After a few weeks of being in my new apartment it started happening again. Over time it became more of a nuisance that would frustrate me because I smoked frequently. 

This is 4 years later, I have been dealing with it ever since. Sometimes I try and see how far the connection can go, relaxing my whole body for long periods of time, and now the sensation has spread to my left arm and right hand, as in there is a tugging sensation in certain directions, and sometimes instead of a tug it is an opposing force against where my hand is moving. I have tried several types of writing including loosely relaxing my hand while holding a pen or pencil but had no results until 4 days ago. 4 days ago the sensation was very strong when I was very sick. I opened a word document and relaxed my hands. My hands floated over the keyboard blindly and only when they stopped did I press down. After almost 2 minutes, me not even looking at my hands, the board, or the message, looked down to see only 3 letters Jeb. 

I am not sure what this is or if it is trying to communicate, but it has become stronger recently and I believe is causing some other things that happen to me. I demagnetize my credit cards by touching them too much, my cell phone screen distorts and pixelates sometimes when I am touching it. Sometimes I experience a noticeably high amount of static electricity, finding myself shocking others or myself on things. It only happens when I feel that sensation or the pressure on my limbs.( Also since the phenomenon started dogs freak out when I get near, which is awful because I grew up with and love dogs.)edit)

If anyone has had similar experiences or knows what this is I'd appreciate any kind of help. 

Not sure if Jeb is it's name, but that is what I am calling it for now. 

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