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Weird battle

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It was a some kind of strange world where everyone was dead except a few infected and insane leftovers. There was an building in the desert and there was a man in it. The building was ancient and made of yellow orange stones covered in vines. I do not know why I was going to fight this man. But that is not the weird part. The strangest thing is that after every hit I could hear the thoughts of the man. 

The thoughts were weird and oddly dirty. They were along the lines of  "Every fist it is the perfect fruit, ripe and rare" or uhh... "Each hit touch creeps closer, harder, faster" the battle never ended, we just fell deeper into the building in the sands before we came room with an alter in the center. I woke up soon after. I forgot most of the dream before this, Its foggy but there was an ocean, pirates, and the source of the infection was some kind of apartment with two men trying to pass it off as a show. 


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Not long ago (about 10 days +/-), you posted a powerful dream report

My sense was that that thread was driven by an early assumption (however frequently correct) that the symbolic content of the dream was purely personal to you. If so, then there is little or nothing for somebody who doesn't know you well  IRL to say about it. And no surprise, little or nothing was said (3 replies as of now) in that thread, despite the astnishing character of the dream. (Lol, if there was an annual top ten list for UM dream reports, that one would be on it for 2017).

I wonder in this thread, whether we could hold open an alternative approach for a while longer. IMO, it is a question to be asked, rather than an assumption to be made, that the symbolism experienced in a dream is purely personal to the dreamer.

I would also propose that it is permissible to think about your two dreams in concert. That is, the earlier dream about the remarkable deer may be discussed in this thread, in light of the additional information that might be contained in this new dream.

And I'll just disclaim up front, that as always:

Disclaimer: I don't interpret other people's dreams, but some dream motifs and characters are dreamt by many people, and I sometimes recognize those motifs and characters. I might be able to tell you what several people who have dreamt dreams like yours have thought about their dreams, but only you can decide whether that has anything to do with your personal dream.

Plus some advice that I give frequently enough that I have a set-piece for it, too:

My guess is that you'll be thinking about these dreams for a long time. You'll be glad then if you write down as much detail about the dream (and the investigation you've done since, too) as you can now while the details are still fresh. If you do any creative or artistic things (write songs, draw pictures, etc.) you might use those media to express what you think and feel about the dream.

All that said, and with respect to the current dream, have you ever thought about the waste land motif (searchable, also called wasteland, one word)? You may wish to check it out.

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