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If you work at a business where one of the owners is as disaster (abusive and slimy) and the team you also work on has several difficult employees then would you turn down a promotion to the position of office manager?

How do you gracefully turn down a promotion into management while having a management degree? It looks odd. The reason is I cannot be bothered with the stress that interacting with an owner like that or managing the difficult employees will cause me. Being the office manager wouldnt be a pleasure for me.

Long-term I dont intend to stay there but I need to pass the two year mark before finding another job. I`m quite a bit off. Arrrhhhh!

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Honestly? You don't have to have a reason to turn it down. You don't want the position, that's all you need to say. Tell them you like your job just fine.

I've worked in some pretty ehhhh places, the most recent of which the owner discriminated against me because I have a disability (auto-immune disease). She couldn't have paid me enough to ever accept a management position.

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