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Mysterious Headlights

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By: John | Location: Morgan County, Alabama


I've had a few things happen in my life to make me take a 2nd glance, but overall, I don't believe in the paranormal beyond a personal belief in God. That being said I like this kinda thing as entertainment, but the story you're about to read is true. 


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I live on the same rarely used road that my dad lived on growing up. Him and his sister used to tell us stories like this. They said their mum (my grandmother who passed away before I was born) had seen the lights. Apparently there was an accident involving a death on the road some time in the past but I don't know the details of it. Other family members have claimed to have thought a car was approaching, never to pass one. Here in Australia we have a legend about the "ming-ming" lights which I think are supposed to be spiritual lights that appear and disappear without explanation. People seem to see them when driving at night, especially on quiet roads in the desert. It's definitely interesting stuff.

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So your lights were dipped, their light were dipped. So their lights are still there, their lights never went off? The lights didn't pass you? So that means the lights is still in the distance??? Did you hear their car?

So many questions in this story

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