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Aquila King

CDC Censorship by the White House

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Aquila King

(Note to mods: I typically stay away from Politics on here due to past altercations on here, I know. I just find this way too big of an issue not to share. I won't debate it with anyone here. Just throw it out there and let people do with it what they will.)

No, this is not from the National Enquirer. No, I didn't get it from The Onion. This is really happening. Washington has issued orders to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to stop using the following words: science-based, evidence-based, diversity, transgender, fetus, vulnerable, and entitlement. You'd better wake up people - and stand up and do something - before it's too late. They are telling you what you can and cannot say, and if you let them take net neutrality away from you, they will soon control your access to information. (They ALREADY manage what you think and what you believe.)

And no, it has nothing to do with who you voted for. We are way past that now. Voting no longer changes things. Only YOU can change things.


Trump Administration officials at the Department of Health and Human Services are pushing back on a report saying the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a mandate to no longer use words and phrases including "fetus," "transgender" and "science-based."

According to The Washington Post, the directive was delivered to senior CDC officials responsible for overseeing the health agency's budget. The Post broke news of this Friday evening.


How can anyone claim they hate 'political correctness' and support 'free speech' while supporting things like this?

This goes beyond politics. We've entered terrifying levels of totalitarianism. EVERY American who supports freedom of speech should oppose this decision and fight back, before all our constitutional freedoms are lost.

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Sorry....but Tiggs already started a thread on it.

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