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Sir Smoke aLot

Healthy sense of humor and great personality.

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Sir Smoke aLot

It was a large tragedy in football world, that which happened to soccer club from Brasil and Mr. Jackson Follmann who lost his leg in the airplane crash has shown to us how he hasn't lost his spirit and does accept his reality in the way which is rare these days.

Originally posted at news portal from my country, well, video speaks for itself. He made a joke that he has pain in his artificial leg, move which put smiles on the people at the stadium but also around the world, smile which has respect, support and admiration for this footballer.



I was not sure if i should put this in humor or bizarre news but this subforum felt more appropriate. Do we have funny videos topic, i didn't find one? :)

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Huh, interesting topic for a joke - phantom pain is a real thing, after all. Smiles are grand, though.

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