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Mystery surrounds kangaroo deaths in NSW


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My guess is that the Australian Ministry of Defense is testing a sonic weapons system in NSW.

A test involving nearly 8 million animals?


I am an American and a U.S. Coast Guard retiree. 

Because of your comment I have to ask: how often per week do you disembarked the boat on the wrong side?

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21 hours ago, simplybill said:

Just speculation, but I wonder if a human virus is affecting the kangaroos like the Rhinovirus C virus is affecting the chimpanzees in Uganda:


I looked up the symptoms (blindness, internal bleeding, stilted movement and massive hemorrhaging) and found similar symptoms for a variety of human illnesses. One example is African Viral Hemorrhagic Disease:

"Ebola and Marburg hemorrhagic fevers. Both begin with fever, fatigue, dizziness, muscle pain, and exhausting followed by minor petechie. Progresses to sever internal hemorrhaging as well as bleeding from other body orifices. Death results from shock, seizures, and kidney failure. Caused by unsegmented -ssRNA (must be converted to mRNA). Assigned to filovirade family. Hemorrhaging is caused by malfunction of the blood clotting system. Thought to be transmitted by bats or the host bodily fluid or waste." 


I'm not saying it couldn't be, but remember it'd have a big gap to jump, bats to humans us one thing, but we'd be talking Eutherian to Metatherian. 

Epizootic diseases are well known in Austealia and elsewhere. In Tasmania at present we see the horribly cruel DFTD wiping out the devils, and there are reports of other epidemics in them in 1950 and 1900ish, both times as I recall in periods of population incease, certainly in the 50's and now. Similarly in the quoll pooulation, and also there's anecdotal evudence of a disease playing a part in the extinction of the thylacine, but that's not proven. 

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I saw an article about this suggesting that a certain GE company had engineered wheat to combat two issues: the White Mold disease plaguing Australian farmers and supposedly kangaroos, using genes of the Ebola virus inserted into wheat to cause hemorrhagic fever-like symptoms and rapid death in kangaroos that had been eating wheat crops. 

This sounds like complete nonsense and I suppose this is how conspiracy theories starts. 

A much more likely scenario is that an as yet unidentified virus has jumped from one animal species to another. It would be good to know if there are survivors within infected populations that have immunity and whether exposure to sick, dying or dead animals can infect healthy kangaroos. 

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People can easily turn a blind eye.  Also people fail to think about the number of military nuclear tests that has been done world wide.  Now, if you have done your google searching right.  Think about other tests for different grades of weapons out there, and other weapons that are banned in warfare.  However, just cause they are banned doesn't mean other dangerous weapons can't be tested.

You can't ban what hasn't yet been made public.  And the public can only imagine what the cause was.  Use your imagination dear Watson.

“How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”

Arthur Conan Doyle, The Sign of Four

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