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Could the Jedi exist in real life ?

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Could the mythical Force-wielders of Star Wars fame actually exist in the real world ?



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Very cool video! I love learning about the science behind various concepts.

That said, there's one very simple way (but does take some training) that can help anyone become a bit more 'Jedi-like'. Learn to become a better observer of the world around you. Study a bit of human psychology and body language, take some time to really look at what the people around you say and do. Take a critical look at the culture in which you live, look at the media, movies, social values...look at what people believe and value far more rationally and critically. Question yourself, ask yourself if you really like/value certain things/activities or if you've just been told you're supposed to like/value them. Do these things and you will become more insightful, wise and 'Jedi-like'. Oh, you won't be able to move objects or have super powers but you will be able to think, reason, process information far better than the average person...and this alone will make you more 'Jedi-like'.

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