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Mystery reptile eggs found in school sandpit

Still Waters

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Australian wildlife rescuers have removed 43 reptile eggs from a sandpit at a school in New South Wales.

The incident sparked alarm after initial reports suggested the eggs belonged to the eastern brown snake, the country's deadliest species.

Volunteers from the Fawna NSW animal aid group were called to remove the eggs from St Joseph's Catholic primary school, near Laurieton.

The few eggs they were expecting turned out to be seven nests.




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School holidays are on until about 29 January so the chances that any children saw them are slim.

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18 hours ago, Jon the frog said:

Cool find, and great stuff to educate kids to !

Considering where the eggs were found, I'd say scary find if they are snake eggs.  Momma couldn't have been too far away.  I'm glad they were found before they hatched. From the article link

""“There was one unviable pink blob with little eyes found, but we can’t be certain what species,” she said.

“We believe we did the right thing, we couldn’t tell what the hatchlings were, they could have been pythons, they could have been dragons, they could have been brown snakes,” she said."


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