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Baby doctor reveals cloned human embryo

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Controversial reproductive scientist Panayiotis Zavos has published a short report and picture of what he claims is "the first human cloned embryo for reproductive purposes".

The single four-day-old embryo, comprised of 8 to 10 cells, is revealed in a commentary in Reproductive BioMedicine Online .

Zavos says the embryo was created by somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT), the same technique used to make the famous cloned sheep Dolly. In SCNT, a cell is fused with an egg stripped of its own genetic material.

The egg and cell used were donated by a woman who wants to have a child using SCNT, says Zavos. He is based in Kentucky, but he says this work was performed outside the US. Human reproductive cloning is illegal in many countries. The embryo was then frozen for further study and analysis, says Zavos, and full results will later be documented in peer-reviewed journals.

user posted image View: Full Article | Source: Yahoo News

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