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Wonderous Miracles in the World Today...


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I will put this definition, so all are aware of my thoughts on miracles...

One that excites admiring awe. See Synonyms at wonder.

Note: I would not like to see this thread get into a religious debate  wub.gif

Watching the news, during these times, I am curious. Do you have any stories of rescues, that have happen to your or someone you know?  As this weather is impacting so many people, I feel hopeful when I see stories of people being rescued (saved). And I was wondering, how these people live the rest of their lives, after being rescued. Are there any studies into how rescues effect the people they happen to ? I wonder how these rescued will live the rest of their lives on earth ? Thankful, I'm sure.  What will our future hold for these brave and thankful people and who will they become ? Any replies should be related to those who have been rescued or the rescuers  thumbsup.gif . Or any non-religious replies  cool.gif

I say non-religious, but this doesn't mean I don't believe  happy.gif

Thank you for your replies - best wishes and happy thoughts and heartfelt sympathies to those who have lost someone...

“Miracles are spontaneous, they cannot be summoned, but come of themselves” (Katherine Anne Porter).
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Post if you have any miraculous story, not necessarily having to do the tsunami, I would love to hear some ! Thank you original.gif



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maybe not this one though. I'll tell it anyway.

It seems that there was this great enemy of the free world Fidel Castro) who was running out of money because providing for his people had become very expensive due to economic sanctions against his country. Well he worried and prayed. and guess what???...those interfering Canadians found some loaded oil fields right off his coastline.

Cuba will soon be an oil exporting nation!!! laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

If that's not a miracle of the first order, there ain't no such thing!!!!!

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