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Still Waters

The bottom of the ocean has started sinking

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Still Waters

Decades of measurements and predictions of sea level rise could have underestimated the scale of the problem, experts warn, due to scientists not accounting for the weighty, warping effects of our ever burgeoning oceans.

Existing assessments of sea level rise haven't factored in that as the total ocean mass increases due to melting glaciers and ice sheets, the weight of all that extra water pushes down on the sinking ocean floor, deforming the seabed – and disguising just how much the oceans are truly swelling.



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Yeah, it's not like they're finding out they were wrong in a good way. It always seems to be worse news. 

But still, no one who could do anything about it is gonna give a crap. 

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Wrong? What's wrong about the internationally substantiated fact that our Poles are slowly melting?

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